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Did you know that Florida Supercon, one of the biggest comic cons in the southeastern US, is returning to Miami this year? You may know that this yearly and famous pop culture convention was canceled last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, you will be happy to learn that now the event’s organizers, ReedPOP, have recently announced the new dates. The event will be held from Sept 10 to 12.

As a fan, you will get the unique opportunity to meet your favorite celebrities, comic book guests, and voice actors, which is excellent. You can also enjoy professional photo ops and costume contests.

Comics and Cosplay Galore

There is no doubt that Florida Supercon is an excellent place for locals to show off as well as guzzle up their interests in various subcultures surrounding comic books, like anime, games, toys, costumes, music, sci-fi movies, and TV. You will be happy to know that loads of comics, anime characters, cosplay, and movie actors will descend upon the famous South Beach for Florida Supercon this September. Also on the menu are expert panels, exclusive releases, and screenings at this annual event.

Florida Supercon is one of the largest gatherings in the US dedicated to comic books, anime, animation, video games, and pop culture! As a fan, you can enjoy a range of fun activities according to your unique interests, such as opportunities to meet actors and participate in cosplay events.

You may know that Supercon is an annual pop culture convention in Florida that celebrates comic books, cartoons, animation, anime, cosplay, video games, fantasy, and sci-fi. According to an announcement from organizers, ReedPOP, Florida Supercon will be the first con that will be held as an in-person event after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is worth noting that the show will be held from September 10 to September 12, 2021, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. And details on badge sale dates, guests, and more will be announced soon.

Safety Measures

ReedPOP also stated that things would look a bit different when compared to prior years’ conventions. This is because they will implement new safety protocols in order to ensure a secure and safe yet comfortable time for everyone.

Compared to other states, Florida has had more lax rules about public events and shows during the course of the coronavirus pandemic; however, keep in mind that there will still be some enhanced safety precautions.

Some of them are mask-wearing and mandatory temperature checks. Also, it is worth noting that social distancing of 6 feet will be required, and you cannot shake hands with others.


Mike Broder organized the first Supercon in 2006 at the famous Ramada Hollywood Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL, called Florida Supercon. His aim was to bring a large-scale public convention to south Florida. Note that another event, Anime Supercon, was held in Fort Lauderdale, Flordia, about five months later.

Did you know that estimated attendances at each comic event averaged about 2,000 people? As the success of the events grew, other conventions and events were added gradually throughout the Miami metro and Fort Lauderdale areas.

Note that organizers made an attempt in Nov 2008 to hold a Supercon outside Florida, in Atlanta, GA; however, it wasn’t as prosperous or successful as the Florida events.

Statement from the Organizers

ReedPOP is looking forward to celebrating and embracing all things fandom with this memorable and amazing community of superheroes. They are giving you all the opportunity to hang out safely with each other.

Because of the social distancing requirements in the state, the attendance will be capped at a lower number for the 2021 event. While there have been many “mini cons” held in the state even during the COVID-19 pandemic, this will undoubtedly be the largest.

You should know that ReedPOP, which acquired the con event in 2019, has announced plans for various in-person events at Emerald City Con and New York Comic Con. And that is not all; in the meantime, ReedPOP has been expanding and growing their virtual Metaverse events, such as meet-ups, and virtual book signings, which is impressive.