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Did you know that the annual Tamiami International Orchid Festival show is the country’s largest orchid festival? The show will be held in October in Miami. Are you an orchid lover or enthusiast? Perhaps, you would like to start or add to your unique collection at home? Or maybe you simply want to enjoy a fun and beautiful day in Miami, FL, with your family and friends. The annual Tamiami International Orchid Festival is definitely the place to be.

You will be happy to know that this internationally recognized and popular orchid show is all set to be one of the largest and most diverse shows of its kind in the US in 2021. It is worth noting that this year, you will find a lush and beautiful sanctuary filled with thousands of gorgeous, vibrant, and artfully presented orchids.

Find Unique and Rare Orchid Species

Did you know that over 90 international and national orchid growers will come together in order to put their floral artistry and talent on display? They will create intricate, stunning, and large-scale dioramas overflowing with rare and exotic species.

There is no doubt that over the last 17 years, the Tamiami International Orchid Festival in Miami has not just become an excellent orchid show but also a nationally and globally recognized orchid event, which is impressive.

As an orchid lover, you may know that it is more than just a plant; rather, orchids are gorgeous, multi-colored flowers that stand above a local flower shops’ withering selections. And during the moderate Miami winter is the annual Tamiami International Orchid Festival, a great event that welcomes you and your family and friends to glance at their striking and unique beauty up close. Isn’t that amazing!

So, what are you waiting for! Let your eyes and nose be your guide so that you can see and appreciate a diverse and unique collection of rare as well as affordable orchids. All you have to do is shell out some cash, and suddenly your home will certainly take on a new and more pleasant character.

Get Your Tickets

If you’re interested in purchasing beautiful and lovely yet affordable orchids, learning more about gorgeous orchids in one of the festival’s several free classes, or seeing rare orchids in beautiful exhibits, you can’t miss the annual Tamiami International Orchid Festival.

One of the best things is that you can also attend free lectures in order to get valuable information about growing orchids, the culture and history of orchids, and controlling pests and various diseases. The admission fee is $12 for adults and children, and kids under the age of 12 will be admitted for free.


It is worth noting that the festival was founded by a noted and experienced breeder, Martin Motes, in 2002. He is one of the foremost authorities and breeders of vanda orchids in the US and is a notable second-generation Miami-Dade grower.

Since 2002, people have seen dazzling colors, unique and exotic scents, and many hints of an ancient world in carefully thought-out and well-crafted displays.

You will be happy to know that a team of experts is also scheduled to present at this glorious event, offering guided tours and a variety of insightful lectures.

Be a Part of a Family-friendly Event

You can browse and purchase a variety of beautiful and affordable orchids as well as other plants at this event. You can also learn more about this sought-after flower during one of the festival’s several free lectures.

Did you know that handmade crafts and many homewares will also be available for purchase at this unique and family-friendly event? So, whether you have been growing orchids for several years or just like to admire their beauty, there is something for everybody to enjoy at this orchid festival.